Who can attend?

This event has been put together for BPMA members only and any member can purchase a pass for the event, taking note of the different styles of passes for suppliers and distributors.

What sort of conference is this?

We have created a conference with a live event on 9th September and further access to an exclusive BPMA networking hub which is open until early October. We have included all the features in this virtual event you would expect to see at a ‘normal’ conference; speakers, networking and ability to visit suppliers in an exhibitor style setting.

Is there a theme for the event?

The theme for the event is Recovery, Regeneration and Resilience. Our speakers and workshops are aimed at building skills, providing critical information and education, plus wellbeing and coaching, equipping members for the stages of economic recovery.

How do I register?

Please email us at to request an invite to register for your pass. We will send you a personal link to use for registration. Please ensure you select the correct member type and you’ll be taken through a very simple process to add your details for you and your business. You can tell us at registration what you are interested in and once your pass is confirmed, you can start to select a greater level of preferences such as drinkware, food, eco products when you  complete your profile.

Watch the below video for a step by step guide on how to register.

What does a supplier pass cover?

To help every supplier create the best presence possible, a supplier business pass comes with a virtual exhibitor style page where you can add sales collateral, external links, videos, arrange group and 1:1 meetings. 

Passes come at two levels which give each company the chance to add between 5-10 elements to their virtual page. Each pass is for a supplier company and enables up to 15 staff to create personal profiles under their business and hold meetings.

What does a distributor pass cover?

Distributor passes are available as a single visitor pass and options for groups of 5+ or 10+ from the same company. Your distributor pass allows access to the whole conference, speakers and workshops plus the chance to check out suppliers, arrange meetings and ad hoc networking with your industry peers.

What about Catalogue groups?

Catalogue group companies can attend by invitation and are there to represent their company only – not their catalogue group members.

I’ve never been to a virtual event, what help is there for me to get started?

As this is our first virtual event and for many members, this will be yours too, we’re on hand to help and support at every step! There is virtual help during the live event, during registration process and for when you are using the networking hub.

How do I access my virtual profile?

Once you have registered, you will be sent a link to set up your virtual profile two weeks before the event. Exhibitors will also receive a video with a step by step guide on how to get the most out of your business profile page.

How do I create a thumbnail for documents?

Thumbnail images, unlike documents, cannot be uploaded to your profile.

All thumbnails must be hosted online (your website, cloud backup (MS Office 365 / G Suite) or other online platform. Images have a link which can be copied into your profile.

Every system is different. When you open the thumbnail image to be used on your platform –

  • On a PC – right click the image and select ‘Copy image link’
  • On a Mac – select the image and choose ‘Copy image address’

Please do not select ‘Copy image’ or ‘Copy link’.

Can I arrange meetings?

Yes! There is a function to arrange meetings between members; on your profiles you can select to meet with other registered members for the event. You can arrange meetings from 9th September until early October in this platform. After the live event date, you can continue to book meetings and the week after the event is prioritised for supplier meetings and presentations. Don’t forget to check out the live event agenda before you book in meetings on 9th September!

I’m a distributor and would like to just be able to chat with a supplier, is this possible?

Yes, there are message functions on every profile to contact other members. For those exhibitors who have decided to activate live chat functions, you will be able to see this on their profile page.

Where can I find the agenda for the live event?

We have a packed agenda for the live event; head over to the Agenda Page to check out the speakers, panels and workshops.

If I have further questions, who do I contact?

Contact Carey, Tom, Daniela or Georgie at the BPMA via or on 01372 371 184. 

To find out more, see the Event Info page.

Access the Agenda to plan sessions, discover our Speakers and find out more about our Exhibitors.

Questions? Contact the BPMA team on or on 01372 371 184.