BPMA Virtual Conference & Member Networking Hub

For BPMA members, we have created our first live virtual event that focuses on Recovery, Regeneration and Resilience. You will see these themes recurring throughout the live event on Wednesday 9th September with speakers, panels and workshops to support your business.

With BPMA members able to purchase a pass if you are a supplier to showcase your business or an individual or group pass for distributors, the conference represents the first opportunity the industry has had to come together and plan for the future.

BPMA members able to purchase a variety of passes. If you are a supplier you are able to showcase your business, creating individual meetings and attend a range of exciting speaker sessions.

As a distributor, you are able to purchase individual or group passes, which will allow you to visit exhibitor pages, including access to collateral and live chats; attend a range of exciting speaker sessions and come together to plan for the future.

BPMA Live Event 9th September: Planning your day

The agenda will continue to build up to the event, so keep checking back for more information and updates on speakers. We will cover a number of topics during the live sessions with a main session where keynote speakers address leadership in business, reveal exclusive BPMA research, panel debates and discussions.

Our themes; Recovery, Regeneration and Resilience, will be addressed in three separate speaker tracks. Covering support for your organisation, financial and business planning, employment advice, sales techniques to make the most of new remote environments plus well being for you and your teams, these essential sessions are designed to support you and your organisation.

You will be able to listen back to content within this platform if you miss any of the sessions for several weeks after the live event

Making the most of your pass

After registration, you will be able to select areas of interest and supply. For suppliers, this will designate the type of product listing and areas of focus such as sustainable drinkware, eco products or clothing.

This will allow you to navigate the supplier space and for suppliers to invite you to interact with them. Please note: suppliers will not be able to attend meetings with other suppliers. All presentations, and meetings are by invitation and acceptance only.

Networking & Meetings

All members will be able to network and arrange 1:1 and group meetings, enabling important sales meetings and discussions to take place. Your registration profile will help you connect with the right members so make sure you note the areas you are interested in when you first access the event. You can amend this throughout the event to ensure you get the most out of networking. 

Supplier Meetings Week: 10th – 16th September

Understanding that many members will want to take advantage of the packed live sessions, we have dedicated the following week to prioritise supplier presentations.

The networking hub represents a central place to bring the industry together. Available and open for business the week after the live event, we encourage all members to schedule showcase presentations during this period so everyone can make the most of the event and take part in meetings with plenty of time to participate. This is designated for supplier presentations where group or individual meetings can take place. 

BPMA  Networking Hub

The virtual platform will be open for members to use until October 7th with access to the live event content, access to supplier pages, showcasing product launches and providing the opportunity for members to stay connected and open for business.

To find out more, see the FAQ page.

Access the Agenda to plan sessions, discover our Speakers and find out more about our Exhibitors.

Questions? Visit our FAQ page for answers to your questions or contact the BPMA team on or on 1372 371 184.