Placing goods on the market: UKCA, UKNI and CE Marking

Please visit the official guidance on UKCA here.

  • If you self-certify or use an EU Notified Body, you can still use the CE marking until 1January 2022 for goods placed on the GB market (more in some cases). In this case, you can continue to use your EU Declaration of Conformity.
  • The CE marking will still be required for products placed on the EU market.
  • You can place the UKCA and CE marking on the same product if it is destined for both the GB and EU so long as the product meets the rules for both markets.

New approach: Goods with a CE-marking may be placed on the UK market until 1 January 2022 e.g. Toys, PPE, machinery.
Old approach: Changes to existing standalone regulation models depend on specific goods
Non-Harmonised Goods: mutual recognition will no longer apply to non-harmonised goods in GB


  • From 1 January 2021 new approach products assessed against GB rules by a GB ‘Approved Body’ will need the UKCA marking. In this case, you will need to use a UK Declaration of Conformity.
  • If you currently self-certify for the CE mark you can also do so for the UKCA mark.
  • From 1 January 2021 the essential requirements and standards that can be used to demonstrate compliance to the UKCA marking will be the same as they are now for the CE marking

Training and Information from UK Approved Bodies

BSI: Visit their website for more information and training here. Watch on-demand videos relevant to our industry here. Please note the recording of the recent UKCA webinar held on 24th March 2021 can be found here.

Download webinar notes below.

Intertek: Visit their website for more information here.

SGS: Visit their website for more information here.

Do you need a conformity assessment?

Placing new approach goods on the GB market

All UK-based ‘notified bodies’ will automatically become UK approved bodies from 1 January 2021. ​You can find details of UK notified bodies on the EU NANDO database or the UKAS website. ​UKCA marking will become mandatory for most goods currently requiring the CE mark from 1 January 2022. ​If your product requires third-party conformity assessment this will need to be done by a UK-recognised body from 1 January 2022 (in most cases).​ The CE marking will still be required for products placed on the EU market.

Placing new approach goods on the EU market

From 1 January 2021 mandatory conformity assessments by UK bodies will no longer be recognised in the EU (unless agreed otherwise in negotiations). ​Businesses should speak to their existing certification bodies to discuss options.

Stay compliant

Arrange for separate certificates for the UK and EU markets to be ready well in advance of 1 January 2022.  There may be a requirement for a level of re-assessment before the second certificate is issued so you should start planning as soon as possible.​ Contact your notified bodies as soon as possible to understand your options for conformity assessments for the UK and EU markets.

Who is responsible for being compliant?

A UK-based distributor of EU goods may become an ‘importer’ – and vice-versa.​ ​Compared to distributors, importers have a stronger duty to ensure products are compliant and often must ensure their address is on a product.​ ​Review guidance on the responsibilities of importers by searching for ‘placing goods on the GB market’ on​ Authorised Representatives for the GB market must be based in GB or NI. GB-based Authorised Representatives will also no longer be recognised in EU. ​

EU legislation coming into force on 16 July 2021 may mean you need to appoint an EU representative if there is no other economic operator in place.


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