What is the BPMA?

We are the leading trade association with almost 50 years’ experience and knowledge of the promotional merchandise industry.

Our actions advocate best practice and inspire confidence amongst our members and buyers - built on trust since 1965.

Why should I buy from a BPMA member?

All our members sign upto a code of conduct and are financially checked and referenced. If our members have broken the code of conduct, you can complain directly to the bpma. This gives you total reassurance that are working with quality professionals.

So our top 5 reasons are summarised below:

  • Benefit from their professionalism – avoid unnecessary risks
  • Benefit from their knowledge and expertise
  • Benefit from their commitment to quality
  • Benefit from their credibility – expect no surprises
  • Benefit from our integrity too

What should you expect from a BPMA member?

  • You receive a professional response to your enquiry in a timely manner
  • You get a proper quote with all charges explained
  • You are ideally provided with options if products are not available
  • You are kept fully informed if there are any issues arising that may affect your delivery or product.

How do I complain about a BPMA member?

You will need to complete our complaint form and send it to directly to the BPMA. A member of the BPMA will be in touch very quickly.


I have seen the Charter logo – what does that mean?

This is a higher level of scrutiny undertaken by the BPMA. It’s a very measurable industry standard. We hold documents to prove that our members have passed our exacting requirements. For more information on our charter status click here...

Why should I spend more of my marketing budget on promotional gifts?

All the research conducted in our industry bares out the importance that promotional products play in the marketing mix. Here are 3 sample questions our research recently asked:

  • Which promotional product category is most likely to motivate you to take action or lead to a favourable impression of the advertiser?
  • What products are you mostly likely to keep the longest?
  • If I was at an event, and a product was given away, what number 1 reason would prompt me to take it?

I don’t understand the different print and branding applications – can you help me?

There are all sorts of different branding applications and your local promotional gift company will be able to advise you on what is most suitable for the product you are looking at? We have provided a resource centre that will enable you to view some of the branding on various products on video.

How can I promote my business with promotional products?

There are many ways in which you can do this – here is just a checklist of a few:

  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Sales promotion – Self Liquidating
  • Awards & Rewards (long service schemes)
  • Brand awareness & rebranding
  • Cause awareness
  • Club & School identification
  • Conferences and events
  • Direct Mail
  • Fund raising
  • Health & safety recycling schemes
  • Incentives – resellers/dealers
  • Product launches and roll outs
  • New branches and souvenirs
  • Work wear and uniforms
  • Retail and souvenirs

Where can I see some great examples of effective promotional product campaigns?

There are a number of very successful campaigns in our industry. We have shown over the last 3 years some of the entries from our campaign of the year to inspire you.

I am about to set up a promotional gift contract tender and I need to find out who the best companies are. Can the BPMA help?

Yes we can – we have a document that we have created to help you. A lot of our search criteria, will enable you to find the right companies. If you would like us to provide a more specialised search for you, there will be a fee to undertake this – please contact us.