PMM Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. Advertisements

1.1 The BPMA reserve the right to refuse advertisements upon sight of artwork, particularly in cases of conflict of interest.

1.2 Advertising space is subject to availability and available in order of signed quotations received.

1.3 All advertisements and inserts are invoiced prior to magazine print.

1.4 All advertisements to meet required artwork specifications, as shown below and within Product Media magazine Media Pack.

2. Artwork specification

2.1 CMYK colour –  All artwork to be supplied as press ready and set to CMYK colour mode.

2.2 Acceptable file formats: Please supply high-resolution PDFs. The following file formats are also accepted: TIFF, JPEG, EPS.

2.3 Resolution: All artwork to be a minimum of 300dpi. Web resolution artwork or logos cannot be published.

2.4 Typefaces and fonts: Please ensure all fonts are either embedded or outlined. Material supplied requiring adjustment is subject to additional charges.

2.5 The BPMA do not accept artwork directly. Artwork is to be approved by member contact and uploaded into the supplied ad-tracker system.

2.6 The BPMA are not accountable for print errors once a member has approved artwork. If a member fails to approve final advert proof by deadline date, artwork is printed as presented.

2.7 Deadlines are the latest possible submission dates for articles and adverts. If deadlines are at risk of being missed, please contact us as soon as possible.

2.8 The BPMA cannot guarantee inclusion for any artwork supplied after deadline dates.

3. Inserts

3.1 The BPMA requires product images, description, materials, weight and dimensions to provide a quotation.

3.2 One sample is to be sent to the BPMA’s chosen mailing house for pressure testing. All insert orders require BPMA artwork sign off.

3.3 One full page advert is a required purchase to accompany each insert. Accompanying full page adverts are to be positioned on a right hand premium position within the publication.

3.4 The BPMA reserve the right to refuse inserts on sight of artwork, particularly in cases of conflict of interest.

3.5 Members can commit to a maximum of 2 inserts per calendar year.

3.6 Advertorial content attracts advertising rates as published.

4. Cancellation

4.1 In the event members wish to cancel advert bookings, please contact the BPMA as soon as possible. Cancellations may only be accepted prior to advert artwork submission deadlines.

To discuss your cancellation request in more detail please contact