Branded Promo Gadgets as a Means of Boosting Office Morale

In our last blog “How many branded promo gadgets can you see on your desk,” we talked about how popular and useful branded promo items are around the office. They often prove very useful in our everyday work and hence become memorable from a branding perspective.

Culture, values and personality

All organisations, whether big or small, are keen to keep employees happy, as this has a positive knock-on effect on their productivity, helping to boost business morale and drive growth.

Although we all know how important it is to try and embed brand values across a company, it’s not always easy to actually implement the practice. This goes not just for marketing collateral and digital footprint, but also for company’s culture, value and personality. If you can nail it- you will definitely notice the difference in your workforce!  Workers that are content are also less likely to want to move to another firm and the research suggests that they can be as much as 22% more productive!

Business’ Holy Grail

If the highlights of your staff room or office are a handful of tattered magazines, a tired vending machine and a half-dead plant, then this isn’t a very exciting or inspiring sight. With a little effort and a small investment, you can offer your employees so much more!

Presuming you have a logo, you need to take care of it! The biggest and most recognisable companies invest a lot of money and effort so that their logos are immediately connected to their brands; from Nike’s swoosh, through to McDonald’s golden arches or Apple’s bitten apple. This type of recognition is a Holy Grail for a business! Smaller businesses can also emulate this with the use of colour, communications and of course promotional gadgets. colour

Be sure you are consistent!

For example, if you have an uplifting and inspiring brand, be sure that all your communications match it consistently. By regularly using the same brand personality and voice, your logo and brand identity will be easily recognisable and embedded in your workforce. This will help your business grow in the long term, and will keep your workforce happy!

Do it through gadgets!

Invest in branded pens, pencils, USBs and other office stationary! Why not have an employee of the week competition and treat the winner to branded sweets or chocolates? Or having a monthly prize of e.g. branded power bank or selfie stick for a special achievement? This would mean a lot to your staff and make your place of work fun. Enhance the brand image and best of all, boost its morale!

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Posted on Wednesday, May 17, 2017 12:00 AM