Why BPMA Charter Is So Important To Promotional Buyers.

The British Promotional Merchandise Association is the professional Industry body that represents the whole of the £1 billion promotional product industry so is central to raising standards.

From all our years in business, we have found that the majority of our customers are looking for a stamp of approval and clarification that we meet a high standard so we are not just saying it but actually delivering the very highest standard of service.

We have been members of the BPMA since 2002 and it was clear right from the start of our membership that this represented a meaningful standard to adhere to, had a strict code of conduct that helped us to create the foundations for the ethos of constant improvement to deliver the very best possible standard of service always going above and beyond for our clients.

Having seen first-hand a number of unprofessional companies within our industry that have no interest in representing our industry in the best possible light is why I have always personally been very committed to promoting and helping the industry raise standards across our sector. Knowing that this would in turn help grow the industry and its reputation as a whole which is not rocket science.


When the standard charter was first discussed I really did think that it was one of their most important initiatives since the association’s foundation in 1961.  We were incredibly proud when we achieved BPMA Charter status having met the strict criteria to receive the highest industry accreditation available, placing us in the top 1% of companies in our entire industry to achieve it.

We have now found that in virtually all instances companies are looking for standards of accreditation which we know drives confidence and can honestly say it has and will continue to win business for our company. That’s why our standard Charter certification is central to how we promote our excellence and show our current and potential clients that we always aim to deliver the highest possible standard of service.

Maybe it’s time you look at meeting the industry’s highest standard.

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Posted on Tuesday, February 13, 2018 12:00 AM