Our Top 10 promotional products for 2018

#1 The AR Promo app has transformed traditional promotional products into fully interactive media. Augmented and virtual reality is the new software shaping the marketing world and we envision it to have a big impact on the promotional product trends in 2018. How it works is by scanning the logo or image on the promotional product, the app will then direct you to a short video or 3D view, providing more information about the brand or some key sales information depending on your campaign needs – the options are endless when it comes to augmented reality!

Another common trend in the promotional products industry that we predict for 2018, is the demand for high-quality products which offer longevity and purpose to the end user. Our second product is exactly that and my personal favourite!

#2 Moleskine Smart Writing Set is a thing of pure beauty, making the traditional paper notebook a revolutionary piece of technology that fits perfectly into the new digital world of millennials today. The special dotted paper and ‘magic’ pen allow you to convert your notes directly into a digital copy on your phone or tablet through an app instantly. No more time wasted typing up notes from meetings or lectures this product does it all for you, amazing right? The app then has the ability to edit and alter the notes to add a creative flair. A recent survey showed that 79% of consumers’ main reason for keeping a promotional product was usefulness* and this is most definitely useful. 

Smart Writing Set

#3 The ‘Stojo’ takes the classic travel mug to the next level and creates this new eco-friendly travel accessory that people must have. We’ve all been in a situation where we have to choose between taking our own coffee and carrying a bulky travel mug with us all day or calling at the nearest coffee shop and purchasing a coffee in a throwaway cup – well not anymore, the Stojo solves that problem by offering a handy reusable travel mug that is fully collapsible and can be stored in a convenient disk shape that is also leak proof. The modern-day commuter will thank you for this product as will the environment! 

#4 ANIMAL Backpacks, and yes I mean the surf brand. I know what you’re thinking, why would I want to give another branded product out to my customers? Well, believe it or not, it is one of the key trends coming directly from the millennial and generation X clients. The demand for retail brand products being used as promotional merchandise is becoming increasingly popular. An ‘off the shelf’ recognisable brand such as Animal, have a higher perceived value amongst the millennial generation and have proven to be more effective at retaining quality leads. This is a new brand to come into the promotional products industry, and it is predicted to be very popular.

#5 Yoga Mats are a unique and eco-friendly way of promoting your brand. “Being healthy and enjoying your work is the new rich”, which is why there was no surprise that being physically and mentally healthy topped the list (77%) for UK millennials when asked what would most help them live happier, more fulfilled lives**. With an estimated 460,000 people practising yoga in the UK***, a yoga mat is likely to be used time and time again, not only that but it offers one of the largest print areas to display your brand, it’s a no-brainer!

#6 The Smart Cube is the ultimate desktop accessory. It’s creative design and multifunctional features make this one of the unique desktop gifts on the market. When in its cube form, the small product can be fully branded with your own choice of design and colour scheme, making it fully bespoke to your business. When dismounted the cube reveals a number of hidden features such as pen holder, smartphone stand, notepad, sticky notes, business card holder and more, again all custom designed to match your brand. This trend-setting accessory will put your brand in the face of your customers all day every day.

#7 Social Media Seeds, everyone knows the saying these days “if it’s not on social media, did it even happen?”.  Well, this promotional product will help you grow your brand through your customer’s social media. Not only that it is also environmentally friendly and has a long-lasting impact on the recipient (as long as they remember to water it). If you are looking for something that is eco-friendly, unique and packs a punch in the social media world this is the perfect product for you, with a range of seed options you can customise your promotional gifts to suit your needs. 

#8 The 2 in1 Charging Cable combines both connector types for iPad, iPhones, iPod and Micro-USB, just by simply turning the cable. This innovative design is practical and multifunctional, with a range of uses it is attractive to nearly everyone. Help your clients stay connected, with its built-in magnets it easily clips onto key rings and is always there when needed, with your logo or branding in clear sight at both ends of the cable. Awarded the Promotional Gift Award in 2017, it is highly likely this modern charger cable will be continuing to hit the trends in the next 12 months.

#9 Dargate’ Jute Tote Bag is the modern twist on the classic bag for life. Everyone has been in the situation when they’re trying to balance all their shopping to avoid buying a bag, so why not offer your clients the perfect solution. This Eco tote bag is made from natural jute with a laminate backing for added support, the cotton webbed handles offer strength and a side pocket for all the little things. The tote bag has a large print area, giving your brand logo clear exposure. The bag is one of the most sought-after promotional gifts due to its usefulness and longevity, and with the ever-increasing concerns about the levels of plastic waste in the environment, it is only set to get even more popular.       

#10 The Peak Pen is shaping the future of the promotional pen industry in style. We couldn’t have a Top 10 promotional product list without mentioning the pen! Times are changing, but let’s not pretend we don’t all still love a free pen. This pen is the pen of Gods, with its three-dimensional design casing it almost resembles that of a sculptured object. The smooth, contrasting clip creates an attractive branding location for your logo. Its boldness and style brings a lot of attention, with the added velvety soft touch finish giving this pen the luxury feel it deserves. This pen is guaranteed to be a standout promotional product on any desk. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about these new and exciting products, which we predict will be taking the promotional products industry by storm in 2018.  

If it’s inspired you to come up with a creative promotional campaign of your own, why not get in touch and we can help turn your ideas into reality.

This is just a small snippet of promotional product trends for 2018, but if you can’t wait and want some awesome promotional products now, then check out our product ranges. 

Megan Evans - We Are Promotional Products


*ASI Survey 2013. 

**Inkling, 2015



Posted on Wednesday, December 20, 2017 12:00 AM