Promoting Your Brand At Christmas - Why Chocolate Comes Into It's Own

Looking at catalogues of promotional items, it’s easy to see that there’s a strong preference for practical items and it’s also easy to understand why. Food items are especially popular, with chocolate leading the way and positively forging ahead during the coldest months of the year, particularly around Christmas time. Here are three ways to use chocolate in brand promotions over the festive season.

Advent calendars/countdown promotions

People of all ages love advent calendars and these days’ advent calendars for the adult market are huge business with some being eagerly awaited every year. These days’ advent calendars can contain everything from alcohol to scented candles and beauty products, but the old favourite of chocolate is still hugely popular as can be seen by the sheer number and variety of them. Consequently, a promotional advent calendar has a very good chance of being highly successful and if you are due to launch a new product or service around this time of year, then you can put your own spin on the concept of an advent calendar by creating a “countdown calendar”.

Gift items

When it comes to choosing chocolate to give as an individualized gift, the key point to consider is how well you know the intended recipients. If you are ordering one or more small batches of promotional items, then you have the opportunity to customize your gift to their particular tastes. Otherwise, you may well find it best to stick with mainstream favourites, such as plain milk chocolate. Of course, packaging plays a role too (hence the popularity of gift-wrapping services).

Depending on your needs, wants and budget, you can opt for light recyclable packaging such as paper and plastic or you can present your gift in packaging which the recipient can keep as a memento. If you’re going down the former route, you can be as creative or as quirky as you like, in fact you may even find it best to do so since you’re going to have a limited window of opportunity to impress your message upon your recipient. If, however, you want the packaging to be kept as an item which is both practical and decorative, then make sure the packaging reflects this and is something which can be enjoyed all year round or, at least, winter after winter.

Treats for sharing

While there’s a strong association between chocolate and individual gifting, it’s always worth remembering that chocolate is frequently bought (and indeed gifted) as a shareable treat. If creating a promotional item for sharing remember that everyone needs to be able to identify the contents at a glance, which means that either there has to be just one type of item inside or each type of item needs to be distinctive enough to be identified quickly. If your promotional item is intended for people to take home to share with very young children, then it’s probably best to stick to one kind of item to avoid any confusion. For older children and adults, you can either use individual wrappers to identify different types of chocolate or use a combination of shapes and a printed guide as is standard with retail boxes of chocolates. Remember the previous comments about the importance of packaging.

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Posted on Tuesday, November 7, 2017 12:00 AM