Quality vs quantity: trade show promotional giveaways

At a trade show, promotional items given away at your stand are to help drive traffic, create recall after the show, and provide your prospect with information in a unique, memorable way.

One of the biggest dilemmas many people have when choosing promotional products for their next trade show or event is whether to choose quantity or quality.

It’s an important question to ask as trade show giveaways are a critical component of the trade show experience. They can build a buzz at your stand, motivate prospects to action, communicate a marketing message, create awareness and so much more.

When faced with the dilemma of whether to go for quality or quantity you should remember one thing- promotional products reflect your brand and your image. They can help to build your company’s reputation and branding or on the contrary- help to ruin it.

Promotional products of poor quality, that are defective or poorly printed, all showcase your brand in a negative light!

Also, a unique and useful promotional product can often make the difference between someone keeping it or throwing it into the bin.

Think of your promotional products as you would any other advertising vehicle.  Then consider cost per impression and cost per use. The more your promotional item is used or seen, the lower cost per impression or cost per use.

The vast majority of business owners or marketers would love their promo items to be used over and over! This would considerably lower the actual cost of use and cost per impression.

No more 10p pens or 50p USBs! Stop sacrificing quality. People don’t want junk. The promotional products you choose represent your brand–so make them work in your favour.

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Posted on Thursday, September 14, 2017 12:00 AM