BPMA Membership changes announced for 2020/2021

The BPMA has announced significant changes to it’s membership when it’s members renew in June 2020 to support the industry in this time of crisis. 


3 months complimentary membership on renewal for 2020/2021 

The BPMA will provide all members with 3 months complimentary membership when membership renews on 1st June 2020. This means members only pay for 9 consecutive months of membership, not 12, from September 2020 onwards.


Membership bands

Membership band for 2019/2020 will remain the same for 2020/2021 and these will not be revised until 2021.


Payment for membership in 2020/2021

Payments for membership will now be collected in September 2020 via each member’s normal mandate following the complimentary period. Payment for all membership will be due in September for annual payments. For those members on quarterly and monthly payments; these payments will be collected from September onwards.


Mandate payment date change 

The BPMA will change the date of collection for all mandates to September 2020. Members do not need to cancel or change mandates. 


How the BPMA is making this change

The BPMA team is now busy putting this in place and we will be in touch directly with each member to confirm mandate details have been changed, new payment dates and the membership amounts each member will now pay for the 2020/2021 membership year.


To minimise administrative burden on our members, the BPMA is taking this action on your behalf and so there is no need to cancel mandates already in place.

Here to help and support 

The BPMA is taking this action to support our members during the crisis, enabling us to continue to provide the advice, support and services that every member business needs. We are monitoring the overall economic situation carefully and will bring you updates frequently via emails, calls and on line means. 


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our members for their continued engagement with the BPMA; it has helped us understand the true picture you are facing as businesses and represent your views to Government at this time. 


If you’d like to get in touch with the BPMA about membership, please contact us on enquiries@bpma.co.uk

Posted on Tuesday, April 7, 2020 12:00 AM