The thirst is real for reusable drinkware

Why is drinkware so in demand?


The reusable water bottles industry is estimated to be worth a staggering £5.5 billion! A number which is set to increase further with future growth predicted.This recent boom in popularity has stemmed from an increase in environmental awareness from the public, with  documentaries such as the BBC’s Blue Planet highlighting the plight of plastic pollution in our oceans and its devastating impact on marine life. As a result many people are now seeking to ‘pass on plastic’ where possible through using reusable alternatives from tote bags to drinkware. Here at Brandelity Trade we’ve found the demand for our reusable promotional drinkware has grown exponentially because of this, with more and more corporations wanting to do their bit for the environment.


They’re more than just a water bottle


Another big reason reusable drinkware bottles have become so popular is due to their adoption as a fashion or status symbol. With countless celebrities and influencers being spotted carrying sleek stainless steel bottles and over 500,000 posts on Instagram featuring the hashtag #waterbottle, they really have become the ‘must have’ lifestyle accessory. These lifestyle changes are long overdue with the average person in the U.K currently using a shocking 150 single use plastic drink bottles per year! Many of which aren’t recycled and ultimately end up contaminating our oceans.


Thankfully, 36% of the British population are already frequently using a reusable drinks bottle and this percentage is rising as more people seek to pass on plastic. This has made sustainable drinkware the promotional product many companies want to invest in. However, when it comes to reusable water bottles it is worth noting that not all bottles are created equally.


What to look out for when buying bottles


This year the most popular reusable bottles are those made from stainless steel but the quality of stainless steel varies, with the highest quality ones being made from stainless steel type 304. This grade of stainless steel is less susceptible to corrosion and is incredibly durable, meaning your bottle will be able to withstand the test of time. We like it so much we use it as standard in all of our stainless steel drinkware.


Another popular feature of these stainless steel bottles is that they are double walled insulated. This has many benefits from reducing condensation build up to ensuring the bottles external temperature remains safe to touch regardless of its internal temperature. It also enables the bottle to maintain the liquid contents temperature inside. For example, our Stainless Steel Drinks Bottles are capable of keeping drinks hot or cold for up to 12 hours, meaning your drink tastes great throughout the day.


In addition to finding drinkware with the above qualities it is equally important that your choice of bottle offers aesthetics options. In the world of promotional products customisation is key. The more options offered the more distinctive, unique and impactful your promotional drinkware will be. Whilst most bottle suppliers are able to offer a choice of colours and finishes only a few offer things such as full wrap design printing, the most customised type of drinkware. Those that do offer this service are generally more established suppliers with greater experience in drinkware manufacturing. Such suppliers should also be able to supply customised packaging for a truly unique promotional product that shows your brand off in a distinctive and professional way. The choice of full wrap printing, the finish of the bottles and packaging are all elements that add to drinkwares perceived value as a promotional gift, with bottles more customised being of a high perceived value.


It’s also worth checking out what kind of certification your bottle supplier has. A reputable drinkware supplier’s bottles should be food safe, CE and ROHS certified. Less reputable suppliers may not have these in place but it is important to remember that ultimately your promotional products reflect upon your company. So, be sure to enquire as to what certifications any potential bottle supplier you may use have in place.


Drinkware is a desirable promotional product


There really are a lot of factors to consider when selecting a promotional drinkware supplier. It is however worth the effort. The British Promotional Merchandise Association found that usefulness was deemed the most important quality sought in a promotional product and that an astonishing 79% feel appreciated when receiving promotional gifts. With the need to pass on plastic both individually and at a corporate level increasing and the average person using three single use plastic bottles per week, there really isn’t a more useful promotional product out there!



This blog was written by Annie Qadeer  Brandelity Trade.

Posted on Wednesday, August 7, 2019 12:00 AM