What Words To Use for Promotional Merchandise SEO

A light-hearted trawl through the world of promotional merchandise...

 # Merch - Obviously a clipping of the word ‘merchandise’, ie, goods to be bought and sold (or given away!). The abbreviation is commonly used in searches but means very little unless prefixed with Promotional or Branded. Be a bit careful with terminology, as one online ‘urban’ dictionary also defines merch as ‘a wide spectrum of strains of marijuana’!


# SWAG A term that originated across the pond, so like many British and American language terms there is room for confusion here, with swag acting as slang for money or goods swiped by a thief. But once capped up as ‘SWAG’ of course it can be seen as ‘Stuff We All Get’ when attending exhibitions and trade shows.


# Product media - Product media a clever new term adopted by the BPMA and hopefully one that can be used within the industry going forward. The word Media is often used in print, TV, press and advertising so prefixing the word product is logical, sounding

more interactive and therefore more engaging.


 # Promotional Items or promotional products Describe best, products that are branded with logos or other personalised content. They are the most used phrases so, therefore, perform highest in SEO average monthly searches.


# Promotional giveaways Also a well known and used term but does tend to suggest low cost as the word giveaway represents little value.


 # Corporate gift A bit of an old-fashioned term now although it really paints a picture of something special that might commemorate a client relationship.


Although It’s in the hands of the user to define the importance of each term this really can be helped by the industry itself by defining and using its terms to suggest the quality of product/branding & the service offering.

The product is given, redeemed or sold needs to send the right message. They must be quality and respectful, which doesn’t mean they have to be drab and boring because like all merchandise SWAG included, they need to be memorable, useful, relevant and reflect the associated brand's image and values.


Posted on Monday, April 23, 2018 12:00 AM