How SMEs can make the most of Easter promotions

Balance out short-term and long-term


Having a short-term boost to your takings is all very well and nobody’s likely to turn it down, but it’s day-to-day business which keeps you going over the long term. What that means in practice is that whenever you run a promotion of any description, you should ideally be looking to create a balance of short-term interest and long-term engagement.


Let’s say for example you’re planning a promotional Easter event, your promotional material is what will help get people through your doors (physically or digitally) and once you have the attention you need to do everything you can to encourage them to engage with you over the longer term.




Give yourself time to drum up interest


You’re busy and so are your customers. They have lots of things they need to manage every day and lots of people and businesses are competing for their attention so you need to give yourself plenty of time to work on making sure the word about your event hits the local grapevine effectively. The standard advice for bloggers is to spend 10% of their time writing and 90% of the time promoting their content and this holds pretty true for event organizers as well.


Once you’ve decided what you’re going to do for your promotional Easter event, it’s crucial that you put the word out on the (digital) street so people get to know about it. If you’re a real-world business, think about contacting local papers and radio, as well as using your own website and asking any partners or affiliates to mention it.


Remember classic favourites have stayed popular for a reason


These days the influence of the internet can make it seem like only the wildest, wackiest and most creative promotions stand any chance of major success (think the ice bucket challenge). That’s simply not true. Classic events such as Easter egg hunts are still as popular today as they were centuries ago and for good reason, not only are they fun but they involve chocolate - what’s not to love? In all seriousness, chocolate is a great tool for promotional marketing at any time of year and particularly at Easter due to its seasonal associations.