The Essential Guide To Branded Headwear

Ethical and Audits.

In today’s ever demanding world, more and more brands require their products to be produced from an ethical source, and anything less than this just will not do.  The question you have to ask is do you really know who you are dealing with?  Are they audited? Do they comply and uphold international and local laws? Or to a larger extent, is the company you are talking to the same company that will be manufacturing your headwear? Or will it be outsourced to a facility that has not been audited? These are very important things to bear in mind.




As with the above, brands are setting some very stringent testing requirements for the materials used in their products, ensuring that they can not only sell with confidence, but they can also prove that there are no chemical compounds known to cause harm in their products.  Working with a company that not only stocks a wide range of tested fabrics but also offers to test on other fabrics used in bespoke production, is a huge benefit.


Fabrics play a huge part when it comes to the overall look and feel of a cap.  Depending on your client's requirements/budget there is an option to suit them.  Whether it’s a budget promotional product where the use of a poly/cotton would be used or a high-end retail product where you would be looking at a heavyweight cotton or a more specialist fabric such as faux suede, Melton wool or tactile microfiber.

The clients brand also plays a part in the choice of fabrics – a sports orientated brand may better suit one of the wide selection of technical/breathable fabrics available, whereas an automotive orientated brand might suit a carbon effect fabric. 

The list of fabrics is extensive and the best part is you can mix and match fabrics to create a truly unique bespoke product.


This is where things get really exciting.  Essentially almost anything is possible when it comes to creating eye-catching headwear.  With contrasting panels, custom styling and bold finishes, no two caps need to look the same. 


We haven’t even touched on the branding options – as with the fabrics and the design, there is an endless array of options available to you, ranging from a regular flat embroidery through to 3D embroidery, all the way through to metal embossing, heat embossing, rubber print and dye-sublimation print to name but a few.


So what’s stopping you offering a baseball cap into the mix the next time you speak to your client? 




Posted on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 12:00 AM