BPMA Annual Awards Dinner 2020


We had a brilliant night at the BPMA Awards. It was a fantastic celebration of the industry and a great opportunity to catch up with a room full of friends. We were absolutely shocked and amazed to win Distributor of the Year and would like to thank everyone who voted for us. Here’s to next year’s event!

Jason - Total Merchandise


Brexit Summit October 2019

This was a very well put together event which covered a lot of concerns that i had and also raised a few issues we hadn’t even considered.   I was expecting it to be a long and dragged out day but the hosts and guess speaker made it very informative and kept the whole room interested and engaged till the very end.

Jason - Brand Alchemists


I found BPMA Brexit summit presentation based on a no deal scenario well presented and very informative.

Yolande - Brand Addition Ltd


Very informative meeting.  This event gave us a good insight of what is to come based on a No Deal Brexit

Marcia - Brand Addition Ltd


Today's event was a must to attend and whilst I had to reschedule my diary to attend I am pleased that I did so.

Paul - Galpeg Ltd


The event, as always, was very well structured and well run. The venue was fabulous and easy to find. The content- hard to make Brexit an enjoyable topic but I thought the speaker was very knowledgeable and did well to handle questions and objections. John and the BPMA team did well to get engagement from the audience when needed.

Alice - Allwag Promotions Ltd


The event was well ran and well attended. Kevin was exceptionally knowledgeable about the bigger picture but not necessarily our industry

Chris - Cybergroup (UK) Ltd


A very good day which provided clear and balanced information on what is a very divisive subject.

Tony - Horti Gifts Ltd


The event was very insightful.  I helped my understand what we needed to do to be compliant.

Stephenie - AdGiftsOnline Ltd


Thank you BPMA for a great day, very informative, and on message.  Location excellent for many of us.

Kerry - Pinfold Promotions Ltd

An excellent and informative event. Many thanks to BPMA for organising.

Neil - Print and Deliver Ltd


The BPMA is doing a great job in both representing the interests of our industry and passing on vital information to help our business prepare for Brexit.

Fiona - TC Branding Group


I had no idea of what to expect from the event today and although some of the information horrified many of us in the room, I stand by the adage 'Information is power' and what the event di was empower us to be aware and prepared as far as we can be.  It highlighted to me the complete insanity of the 'out vote' as well - this is NOT a political comment, just shows how bad this could be for our industry

Joan - Big Bird Sports Ltd


Congratulations to the BPMA for organising a very informative Brexit summit

Lindsey - Hainenko Ltd


The import and export sessions gave us reassurance that we are as Brexit ready as we can be but at the same time i picked a few useful tips that will help in addition

Andrew - Firebrand Promotions Ltd


Excellent event with the main speaker being incredibly knowledgeable on all issues occurring around a no-deal Brexit. It will help us make provisions for our customers who export to the E.U. in the event of a no-deal.

James - Snap Products Ltd


Great pro active action by the BPMA to hold this event

Greg - Biblio Products Ltd


Despite not knowing the Brexit outcome, at very worst, it demonstrates the will of professionals in our industry to be prepared.

Steve - Red Hot Branding


Significantly raised my concerns on the effect that NO deal will have on our Industry

Mandy - The Sweet People


The Summit was well run and informative. Jon Birrell ensured that the momentum was maintained whilst allowing for questions during the presentations. The speakers were knowledgeable and were prepared to deal with questions to their conclusion.

Paul - Juniper Trading Ltd


Really helpful and enlightening seminar in a great location



The Brexit Planning Seminar organised by the BPMA was an extremely professional, well organised event, that provided the delegates with a huge amount of information and advise.

Andrew - Juniper Trading


A very informative seminar put together at short notice

Lisa - Backstreet Intl Merchandise Ltd


The sessions were well structured and informative and provided some clarity on steps going forward.

Ian - fleQs


An extremely informative event that will help our company prepare effectively for Brexit

Aaron - Promotions Trade Company Ltd


A very well presented event with thought provoking content, in an excellent venue

Judith - M-four Promotions Ltd


Great event - insightful commentary from an expert helping to give us extra confidence that the plan we've put in place is the right one (well as much as one can do when one plans for the unknown!)

Lisa - Marke Creative Merchandise


This was an absolutely essential event. Whether you are a 'remainer' or a'leaver' being informed about the impact on our business is paramount. Today did just that and made me feel more equipped to adapt to the changes, moving for

Malcolm - Aspect CPM (UK) Ltd


The BPMA have delivered once again with a proactive approach to helping our business with industry specific information on regulation and potential pitfalls around Brexit. Thank you!

David - Promo2u


I found the event very informative and the speakers extremely knowledgeable on a subject with a multitude of possibilities. This has provided me with a nice manageable to-do list prior to Brexit....whenever that may be.

Daryl - The Sweet People Ltd


A very detailed and informative event that made me consider in more detail how Brexit will affect my business

Duncan - Screenworks Ltd


The BPMA Brexit Seminar exceeded expectations. It was great to have so many like minded people in the same room to share thoughts and own concerns which we can tackle together.

Daniel - Zagwear


Todays event gave me a great insight in to not only the major issues caused by Brexit but also some of the smaller details we hadn't considered.

Emma - Outstanding Branding


Packed full of content (and delegates) with plenty of industry relevant insight. I have come away with a defined action plan  to help us prepare for a no deal Brexit. Thank you BPMA

Melissa - GF Consulting


An informative event that asked all of the right questions. Jon and the tam did a fantastic job to organize the event so quickly and provide quality speakers.

Andy - B-Loony


This was the best event on Brexit Planning that I have attended with a very well informed presentation

Andy - B-Loony


I thought the event was excellent. The speakers were extremely knowledgeable and engaging and furnished us with a lot of key information.

Russ - Galpeg Ltd T/A Bluefish Promotional Merc


Product Safety & Compliance Seminar 2019


If you are interested in protecting your brands or your relationship I would highly recommend the Compliance Seminar. A very thought provoking day highlighting the need for due diligence and thorough product safety testing and research.

Susanne - Juniper


The seminar was well thought out and informative, it brought up and answered a number of questions from Brexit, to liability, to specific testing.

Joe - Fluid Branding


Interesting seminar, eye opening and very helpful. Lots of content that we can put into practice.

Lynne - Prominate


Compliance is one of the most important parts of what we do and today was great to help concrete knowledge and seel more confident that what we offer is fully compliant. 

Daniel - Zagwear


New Member Seminar


Really enjoyable and friendly event. I feel like I have come away with a much better idea of the industry and how to help me in the future.

Will - Distributor


The BPMA member seminar was very informative even to someone working in the industry for 2 years.

Jessica - Supplier


A great day, informative and would recommend it to others

Emy - Distributor


A great introduction to the industry with BPMA, a lot of ideas on how to be a success in the future

 Ryan - Distributor


BPMA Education Day


The education day exceeded my expectation. Lots of new ideas and different ways of approaching challenges learned.

Gemma - Distributor


This was an excellent day with great speakers delivering relevant and pertinent information that I can act on immediately

Mike - Distributor


I have found the day extremely informative and have a lot to think about and start implementing. The diversity was great, different speakers each with invaluable advice. Thank you BPMA

Lauren - Trade Exclusive Supplier 


Thank you for a great 2 days, the Education Day by far exceeded my expectations, really good quality speakers.

Chani - Multi-Channel Supplier


Feedback from the team has all been great for the education day the expo itself. BPMA team should be very proud of what they have achieved.

Andrew - Distributor


I would like to take this opportunity to say how useful I found last week’s Education Day and what a fabulous occasion Merchandise World was.  Over recent months we had become fearful of being swamped and edged out of the marketplace.  The leaders’ debate touched on all of our concerns and the speakers inspired me to make a few changes to our sales and marketing. All in all, we left last week’s events feeling very positive about our future in this industry, clear on our USP and with a plan for growth.   Merchandise World and the Education Day had a great ‘buzz’ to them and a sense of everyone involved being committed to growing the market as a whole for everyone’s benefit.  We think that the new video is a fantastic resource too!  All in all, we are delighted to be members of the BPMA and a part of the heart of the industry.

Rachael - Distributor


Regional Events 


It was our first regional event and we were very impressed. We learned a lot and came out with a positive outlook for developing our practices even further.

Daniel - Distributor


Marketing Events


BPMA partnership with Marketing Week Live, we have followed up and qualified nearly 150k worth of potential business 

Noel - Distributor


Education Programme


Feeling a little shocked but very pleased that I managed to score 100% in the TPM exam today. It was hard work preparing for the exam but definitely worth it. As someone who is relatively new to the Promotional Merchandise industry, I’ve found the information covered in TPM extremely useful and very relevant to my role.

Employee - Distributor


The BPMA has trained the team in essential industry topics, giving them added confidence to communicate technicalities on branding applications and legislation to the end users with ease.

Jamie - Distributor