The Briman group is a special interest group set up to promote UK manufacturers of promotional products.  There is a dedicated website to help distributors work with a range of suppliers and an end user website  There is an award given to a distributor which the group nominate based upon their support for UK manufacturers. If you believe you fit the requirement as a supplier of over 50% UK made products, please contact the BPMA.

The group meet regularly to share ideas and best practice.  There is an annual fee of £250+VAT.   



The Branded Clothing group is a special interest group set up to promote the use and value of corporate and promotional clothing to the end user via the distributor channel.  The group has already launched a website and provided a guide for buyers to make it easier to purchase from reputable clothing specialists.  Distributors of BPMA can co-brand the guide (this contact can be found in our members benefits)

The group meet regularly to discuss how best to promote clothing. An award to establish the best decoration of the year exists at the BPMA Annual Awards.