What is the BPMA Charter?

The Charter programme has been introduced by the BPMA to develop and achieve the highest standards within our specific niche of the promotional products discipline.

  • It an endorsement of substantive professionalism.
  • The process is thorough, and the vetting rigorous, with requirements of a high calibre throughout. It is open to distributors and suppliers of any size.
  • Trading platform transparency within the process is prime. It is unequivocal.
  • The result is quantifiable certification allowing recipients to pro-actively brand their credentials throughout UK industry and beyond….
  • It will be a future ‘must have’ for companies planning to develop and grow

What does the Charter Status represent?

Charter membership is representative of the most respected and reputable companies within our industry. It is the ultimate in industry standards, and promotes the highest level of business practice and customer service.

Inherent within the Charter Status:                                                                

  • Quality assurance
  • Product conformity
  • Continuity of service and product
  • Ethical & Environmental Values
  • Financial Security
  • Trust and Transparency

Why become a Charter Member?

Visible evidence of all the above (e.g documented evidence of policies, copy of certificates and accreditations: reliable and recognised supply chain)….all these are standard attributes.


  • It helps end users make the right and informed choice
  • It provides confidence (on sight of the symbol)
  • It implies complete professionalism throughout
  • It saves a considerable amount of time researching
  • It confers a minimum expectation & provides peace of mind
  • Ultimately, it saves money and strengthens relationships

What are the requirements to attain the Charter status?

  • A Charter Member has had to earn Charter status.
  • A Charter Member can provide continuity of supply.
  • A Charter Member can provide quality of supply.
  • A Charter Member can provide regulatory certification/documentation when required.
  • A Charter Member is interested in the long term supply chain partnership, not just the next order.
  • A Charter Member will work with the customer, ensuring that the challenges of the market are met.
  • A Charter Member will be constantly scrutinised to ensure compliance with accreditation standards.
  • A Charter Member will be periodically re-assessed to ensure maintenance of these high standards.
  • A Charter Member is forward-looking and wishes to constantly challenge and improve standards, and further develop the market.
  • A Charter Member logo on an order confirmation will, in the future be recognised as a promotional marketing discipline ‘safety symbol’ by buyers/marketers/individuals throughout industry.

Which documents are required to attain the Charter status?

  • Documented evidence of customer services policy & procedures and/or ISO 9001 certificate
  • Customer complaints procedure
  • CSR documentation
  • Ethical, environmental and carbon footprint policies and/or ISO 14001 certificate
  • Compliance statement(s) and /or Supplier Base Code Policy
  • Sedex and other memberships
  • Current financial report
  • Insurance certificate
  • Transparency Trading statement (signed and dated by company principal)
  • All supporting documents (accolades, achievements such as insurance certificates and awards)
  • Signed privacy policy
  • Completed Charter application form

Administration Fee: £100+vat, Annual Fee £95+vat

For more information contact Tom on tom@bpma.co.uk