Brexit Transition: BPMA resources for members

As of 31st December 2020, the UK officially completed its ‘transition’ out of the EU bringing new rules affecting our industry, impacting trading, duty and more. The UK Government spent many months briefing businesses to get prepared for change, putting the onus firmly on the shoulders of SME’s to unravel to the new rules and how they apply to your business, customers, and trade.

The BPMA is aware of the impact the changes have had on services and clarity required on areas such as Rules of Origin, export rules and tariffs since the deal was announced.

Accessible only to BPMA members, we have compiled our guide to transition, featuring the information every member needs to know about the changed rules.

If you are a BPMA member and wish to request access, please contact us via

Did you know the BPMA has a Slack group for it’s members?

With Distributor and Supplier discussion groups, the BPMA Slack Group features live updates for members with critical news together with opportunities to discuss, debate and promote.

Critical to providing information on areas like the end of transition period, it’s the easiest way for our members keep in touch during lockdown.

Join the hundreds of BPMA members already on this channel for updates on everything from furlough, exclusive webinars, live updates to dedicated member channels.

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