BPMA Incentives FAQs

Q:           We took part in the voucher scheme last year and it was great. Can’t we just do a voucher again?

A:            We know for many suppliers the BPMA voucher scheme has been really successful. To offer a voucher with a £50 off, complete the form and select the voucher and £50 off options. We provide generic terms for each incentive and you can add specific terms in for your offer. Don’t forget to add the start and finish dates. To track your voucher success, make sure you include an activation code which you can measure in your own systems.

Q:           Can we offer any type of discount?

A:            Yes you can. We ask you consider the application and duration of the offer you want to make available to ensure what’s on offer works for both you and your customer. On the form we have provided a range of discount classification from money off to percentage discount. If you have a long term offer that is open for longer than 4-8 weeks, consider how many times that offer can be used and how you will track its use in your own systems.

Q:           How many incentives can we add?

A:            You can place multiple incentives, filling out a form for each one. You might want to consider the availability of multiple incentives vs your margins and remembering you can update offers frequently, a range of exciting and engaging offers throughout the year might be more appealing than having to work out multiple offers and how they might apply to an order.

Q:           We’d like to consider an offer with multiple stages to gain a discount – is this a good a idea?

A:            We’d recommend you keep it simple. The decision process Distributors may be going through might be complex so keeping the offer clear and easy to understand is more likely to cut through, avoiding complex stages to achieve a discount.

Q:           We offer a stock reserve system – is this worth promoting?

A:            Absolutely – we are offering this as an option to display as with short leadtimes and stock disappearing fast, this is a great option to promote. Make sure you state how long stock can be reserved for in your offer. This is a great ‘added value’ service.

Q:           What can’t we promote?

A:            As the system is there for you to promote offers and discounts on your products and services, please stick to these areas. If you are not sure how best to term you specific offer, get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can advise you.

Q:           How long should offers last?

A:            Offers can last for a day or up to a year, noting the stipulation for participants to be current members. For example, if you offer a BPMA member to member preferential rate, you can state this as a ‘permanent offer’. All offer periods are linked to the membership year. Short term offers can be for a time period specified by you. Offers can be added to and updated monthly. If your membership expires, all your offers will automatically cease on May 31st 2022. It is important to note that offer periods will expire on the dates advised and will not be extended. If you wish to repeat an offer, you can run offers back to back.

Q:           We’re not sure about taking part just now – can we join later on?

A:            Of course. We have aimed to make this as flexible for suppliers as possible. Just let us know you’d like to take part and we will activate the offers supplied once received.

Q:           Who checks the offer and copy?

A:            You will be submitting information to the BPMA that is correct and approved by the business owner. We will perform a perfunctory check on the content and will request clarification if we believe details to be missing. It is up to you to ensure the fine detail and terms of your offers are correct. Please note, we reserve the right not to publish an incentive should the content not be in keeping with the Code of Conduct.

Q:           What happens if we need to withdraw an incentive?

A:            If you need to withdraw an offer at short notice, please firstly advise us so we can switch off any incentives you have live. The general terms of offers will state offers may be withdrawn at short notice. However, if a Distributor has already applied the offer to the order and this has been accepted, the BPMA would expect such a discount to be honoured.

Q:           We’re not sure what sort of incentive to give or if we can afford to give anything away

A:            Don’t worry, it can be hard to work out what the best incentive is for you – and if it’s the right option for your business. Talk to us today for further advice and also consider the following; does your business need to discount and have you worked out the cost of providing a discount? We have some helpful spreadsheets you can use to work out the cost of providing a discount. Ask us today and we can provide further resources to help you.

Q:           Can all members see the offers?

A:            No, only BPMA Distributor members logged into the BPMA site can view your offers.

If you have any further questions, please email tom@bpma.co.uk