BPMA speaks to Ministers about industry export woes

After a summer of political disruption and as we wait for a new Prime Minister to be announced, you may have thought the Government wasn’t open for business. Not put off by a round of resignations, BPMA Board Director Andrew Langley and CEO Carey Trevill pushed ahead with planned meetings with the Export and Trade team as new Minister for Exports Andrew Griffiths MP moved into his desk; the fourth Minister to occupy the seat in 18 months. At the same week, BPMA President Angela Wagstaff secured face to face time with Home Secretary Priti Patel MP as part of a planned meeting with local business owners to discuss the real impact of transition from the EU on UK companies. Patel has committed to supporting the conversation, raising the issues with the Minister for Exports.

Expressing to both sides of the Government the ongoing challenges and expense businesses suffer in maintaining and winning business across the Channel, the pincer movement to bring the industry’s voice to the top table is working with commitments for the BPMA and its Board to input into SME discussions being hosted by the Export team, who are only too aware of the circumstances so many businesses find themselves in.

Proposing a range of solutions and case studies from information provided by BPMA members, the scale and size of the issue was reflected in the volume of sectors who have also approached the Ministers to find solutions not addressed by the agreement between the UK and the EU.

The BPMA will continue to report on progress in the coming weeks as the Government comes back from recess, appreciating there of course is still much change to come in September this year with a Government that will soon adopt a new leader.