Sustainable Products: Changing Policy and Advertising Standards

Introducing the first issue of our members-only Sustainability and Compliance advice bulletin, containing guidance to navigating UK and EU policies impacting the promotional merchandise industry.

As the demand for businesses to be environmentally responsible continues to grow, it is essential for your business to remain compliant with ever-evolving legislation. This regular Member advice note will outline new policies, or updates to existing policies, that businesses within this industry may need to be aware of. You can find out whether your business will be impacted, and we will provide resources for further guidance.

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As a BPMA member, we want you to be at the forefront of positive change within the industry. Want to suggest a topic or need help with a sustainable or compliance linked topic? Please reach out to our Sustainability & Compliance Manager, Jenny Dawes via email at [email protected] or any member of the team via [email protected]

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Upcoming topics:

  • UK Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging
  • UK Plastic Packaging Tax update
  • UK Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme