BPMA Education Courses: Terms & Conditions

  1. BPMA Courses: members only
    1. Courses made available via the BPMA website are for BPMA members only unless specified.
    2. Courses include, but are not limited to, Trained in Promotional Merchandise referred to as ‘TPM’, Certified in Promotional Merchandise referred to as ‘CPM’, Masters in Promotional Merchandise referred to as ‘MPM’.
  2. How we process your Data
    1. All Delegate data supplied is held by the BPMA for the duration of the course and administration of the Course, examinations, and any other relevant communication between the Delegate and the BPMA for a maximum period of 18 months on it’s Education Platform.
    2. Data will be also held on the BPMA’s main member database under member company and employee records.
    3. The BPMA retains Delegate details for a maximum of 10 years for the purposes of recording the Delegate’s Course achievements for future reference.
    4. You may request removal of Delegate data in both the BPMA’s main member database and Education Platform by contacting the BPMA with your request to: [email protected]
  3. Course Booking and Payment Terms
    1. A valid Purchase Order or written confirmation from business owner or authorised personnel is required to secure all Course places.
    2. Course fees will be invoiced upon booking.
    3. All Course fees are to be paid in full before access to the course is given.
    4. Any exam fees including re-sit fees are to be paid in full 7 working days in advance of exam dates booked. Exam fees and any additional charges are set out in Course information.
    5. All Course fees are non-refundable.
  4. Course Provision and Course Awards
    1. BPMA Courses are provided via a secure Education Platform which is hosted by a third-party digital provider. All data and content is managed by the BPMA and is not accessible by any other party.
    2. All BPMA Courses unless specified are provided with 24hr remote access. From time to time, this service may be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance or Course material updates. We will endeavour to alert Delegates 24hrs prior to any scheduled maintenance but this may not be possible in all circumstances.
    3. Should the Course platform be unavailable due to unforeseen reasons such as technical issues or server failure, the BPMA will update Delegates and members within a maximum 2 working days. Delegates can contact the BPMA via [email protected] for assistance.
    4. For Course interruptions of more than 5 working days, additional or extended course access will be provided to Delegates at no additional charge.
    5. Delegates successfully completing Courses and achieving the required number of Points will be invited to take an exam. On achieving the required pass mark for the Course, the Delegate will be provided with a Certificate to record their achievement.
    6. Delegates who do not achieve the required pass mark will be provided with 2 (two) further opportunity to re-take the exam. After these attempts and should a pass not be achieved, Delegates can opt to re-sit subject to re-sit fees payable at the time. Re-sits are permissible within 12 months of the end of the Course.
    7. The BPMA will provide, from time to time, live or interactive sessions to complement Course learning accessible to all Delegates. These additional sessions are subject to availability and are not guaranteed. These incremental sessions may carry additional points for courses.
    8. The BPMA will publish course results from time to time via social media channels, media channels (Product Media Magazine) and BPMA newsletters. Please inform us at the time of booking if you prefer not to share this information.
  5. Course Access and Security
    1. Course access is allocated to an individual email address, designated at the time of booking by the member for the Delegate.
    2. Course access will be provided via an online link, assigned to the booked Delegate.
    3. Access and passwords may not be shared with any other member employee or individual.
    4. All Course access is monitored by the BPMA and will be withdrawn if any abuse, suspicious or inappropriate access is noted on the Delegate’s account.
  6. Delegate Substitution
    1. Course bookings can only be booked for a named individual employed by a current member. All bookings will be verified before bookings are accepted for any BPMA Course.
    2. Course places are booked under a named individual only and will not be accepted under a company name.
    3. Substitute delegates will not be accepted.
    4. Access is granted to Courses to each verified individual who registers under the terms of BPMA Education Courses.
  7. Planned Absence
    1. Delegates who are required to take planned leave due to maternity and paternity or other long-term leave may suspend course access for 6 months. Please inform the BPMA of any such instance to suspend course access for 6 months.
    2. Leave due to furlough if operating at the time of course; current Government guidelines state job-related training can be completed whilst on furlough.
  8. Course Cancellations by Delegates or their Employers
    1. Should a Delegate leave the company or be made redundant, the BPMA should be notified within 7 days of leaving the member’s employ.
    2. No refund will be given for any course booked. No substitute delegates will be accepted.
    3. A member can request a review of their specific or exceptional circumstances if informed within 7 days of the Delegate leaving their employ in writing to [email protected]. The BPMA reserve the right to review any requests by current members in such circumstances but do not guarantee refund or replacement courses.
  9. Course Suspension or Cancellations by the BPMA
    1. The BPMA reserve the right to alter, withdraw or cancel Courses without prior notice.
    2. In the unlikely event of a Course cancellation, the BPMA will hold all Course payments on deposit until such time as a suitable alternative or new Course can be made available for a maximum of 12 consecutive months.
    3. If after 12 months, a suitable alternative cannot be offered, members will be provided with a Credit Note to the value of the Course. If the member company is no longer a member, this fee is forfeit.
  10. Course Content, Monitoring and Abuse
    1. All content within the Education Programme remains the copyright of the BPMA
    2. Content is for the sole use of the individuals registered to the TPM, CPM and MPM courses and any other Course content or resource hosted by the BPMA.
    3. All Delegate activity and usage of content is monitored by the BPMA.
    4. Should monitoring of Delegate activity reveal any system, copyright or other forms of system abuse of its Education Programme or member platforms, Delegate and member access will be immediately withdrawn, and the member referred to the BPMA Board for review.
    5. Content may not be downloaded, copied by any photographic or digital means, shared with any third party.
  11. Termination of Access
    1. The BPMA reserve the right to terminate access to the Education platform without notice due to abuse of content or use of profanities within the forum facility or any other behaviour deemed to be unacceptable by Delegates.
  12. Changes to Course Content
    1. The BPMA have created content for use within each of their Courses, obtaining permission for any Copyrighted content or referencing source material where relevant.
    2. The BPMA reserves the right to vary the Content of the course without prior notice.
    3. The BPMA will vary Course content from time to time; updating and replacing Content sections in line with industry expectations.
    4. All Content is correct at the time of issue, with reference and source material noted. The BPMA does not accept liability for any discrepancies, content inaccuracies or content references if found to be incorrect at the time of reading.
  13. Definition of BPMA Education Terms
    1. Course’ refers to any BPMA or external course booked via the BPMA.
    2. Member’ refers to BPMA members.
    3. Delegate’ refers to the named individual booked on the course on behalf of an employer.
    4. Content’ refers to BPMA owned or curated content.