Industry Sustainability Goals 

The BPMA is actively working with the industry to promote sustainable, recycled and reusable materials. Like many other industries, the promotional merchandise industry promotes a reuse and recycle policy.


Our StepForward Pledge

The BPMA is working with its members to change the way we work and the work we make. The StepForward Pledge is a BPMA-led initiative helping members take proactive steps to improve their sustainability performance, accelerating the pace of change towards a more sustainable future for our industry. Launched in June 2023, members who have already taken the Pledge can be seen in our directory together with their sustainability statement, which details their goals as businesses. You can find out more about our StepForward Pledge here.

The BPMA is partnered with Planet Mark to support our members on the road to net zero and is also a member of AdNetZero.

Looking for sustainable merchandise solutions? Like to understand more about why it matters?

Visit our Member Directory and talk to a BPMA distributor today or visit our Resource centre for more insights and information. For insights into consumer attitudes to the environment to our adoption of best practice, contact us to find out more.  

Ask your Distributor to include reuse and recycle instructions for your next campaign

It's simple to include instructions on products to help your customers to choose reuse and recycling, helping reduce waste. Most businesses and consumers actively seek instructions on how to recycle or reuse branded items. Please ask your Distributor to include appropriate recycling instructions on your next branded product, especially if branded items can be recycled in general household recycling.

Like to know more about recycling products? Below we have listed some helpful sites to determine what can materials can be recycled and provide useful information. We have also included the details of two businesses who can help with reusing unwanted materials for charitable purposes or reducing carbon impact through recycling, waste and circular economy services.


BPMA Sustainability Statement 2024
As the trade body representing the promotional merchandise industry, we believe it is our responsibility to promote a more sustainable, ethical and responsible future within our industry.

Read our 2024 Sustainability Policy to learn more about our goals to achieve this. 
Useful definitions and explanations
Useful definitions and explanations