BPMA’s StepForward Pledge is vital first step

The first of a new series of initiatives centred around sustainability has been announced by the BPMA in January.

The StepForward Pledge aims to help every BPMA member take proactive steps to embed sustainability within their products, their operations and in the communities they serve.

By signing up to the Pledge, members will declare their commitment to tracking and measuring their sustainability performance each year. This in turn will help enhance the reputation of participating companies, together with raising the profile of the promotional merchandise industry as it addresses climate change and other environmental challenges.

Visit the BPMA at Merchandise World to discover more 

Exhibitors and visitors at Merchandise World are invited to visit the BPMA to find out more about the Pledge and register interest. Supported with resources and materials to help every member on their sustainable journey, members can attend a series of webinars over the coming months to find out more what’s involved in signing up. 

Sustainability driving the agenda 

The BPMA set up a working group last year to address the industry’s response to the push towards net zero. The StepForward Pledge is the first in a series of exciting initiatives originating from this group. Every BPMA member is invited to sign on to the Pledge, whether they have already been working on sustainability for a while or are just beginning their journey.

Why does our industry need a Pledge?

As the global fight against climate change intensifies, businesses and consumers are increasingly concerned about their impact on the environment. According to a 2022 Global Sustainability Study, 56% of UK consumers rank sustainability as a top five value driver. This means the end user is increasingly conscious of their supply chains and buying choices, driving every sector to consider their approach and get their house in order. 

Only open to members, the Pledge is voluntary and there is no charge to get involved. 

BPMA CEO Carey Trevill commented: ‘Our industry is embracing sustainability, changing the way we work and the work we make. The StepForward Pledge will reflect the steps our members are taking on this journey. Companies signing on to the Pledge will join a network of forward-thinking businesses, all helping to transition our industry to a low carbon future.

Our programme of sustainability initiatives will help our members future-proof their businesses and gain a competitive advantage by helping customers make sustainable choices with confidence, building trust. If you are visiting at Merchandise World, come and see us to find out more and to register your interest in this exciting step forward for our industry.’

The Pledge is only open to BPMA members. Members signing up to the Pledge will have access to resources and support. To register interest in the Pledge and find out more, click here.