BPMA Code of Conduct

With membership comes responsibility and accountability. Our industry supplies a multi-disciplined industrial landscape which, in turn, has to abide by legal and ethical practice guidelines. In order to fulfil the standards expected of members, this Code of Conduct is set out to re-enforce a qualitative and enhanced value-chain perception of our Association and, as such, is not open to re-interpretation or alteration.

All BPMA members are, without exception, required to comply with the following:

1. Members must display, demonstrate and represent their products and services in a fair and transparent manner and avoid deceptive, misleading and unethical practices (which includes all supply-chain partners/contractors).

2. Members must not disparage fellow members in any circumstance or in any format. Concerns or queries can be channelled through the BPMA Secretariat in the first instance.

3. Members must conduct their business at all times in a manner which upholds the reputation of the Association itself, and the promotional merchandise industry per se.

4. Members must abide by all rulings of the Advertising Standards Authority, the Committee of Advertising Practice, and all relevant regulatory bodies supported by the BPMA (which directly affect the promotional merchandise industry).

5. Members must take adequate steps to ensure that all products and services comply with applicable legislative requirements including safety laws, regulations, and guidelines in each relevant market. The BPMA deem avoidance /non-compliance to be indefensible within the terms of this code.

6. Members are as equally responsible for the conduct of their (non-member) supply chain partners and contractors as they would be for themselves. All relevant legal and social guidelines must be adhered to. This will specifically (but not exclusively) relate to the following areas ;

• Product Safety • Working Environment/Conditions

• Environmental Issues • Hours of Work/Wages

• Abuse of Labour/Child Labour • Discrimination

• Freedom of Association

7. Members must give complete respect and confidence to any confidential information which comes into their possession in the course of their work. Whilst any issue concerning redress for breach of confidentiality is strictly within legal boundaries, members are encouraged to put any concerns to the Secretariat in the first instance.

8. Members must comply with any decision reached by a) the Board of the BPMA, or b) any committee of the BPMA regulated by the procedures of the association. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action including membership removal.

9. All members acknowledge that payment within in agreed terms is an essential part of good trading practice within our industry. Therefore members should understand that regular abuse of terms will potentially result in revocation of BPMA membership, an action which the member must fully endorse and uphold.

The BPMA Board of Directors are empowered to enforce this Code of Conduct and to consider any complaint made against a member company, and to act accordingly. The BPMA expects its members to be responsible, ethical, and to competitively trade in a genuine and transparent manner at all times.