Exhibition Product of the Year

Platinum Winner

Paper Lanyard


A lanyard that looks and feels like a normal lanyard but that is made of paper, sourced from sustainable wood. This makes the product the first of its type that is truly biodegradable and also suitable to be placed in paper recycling (after the removal of the metal clip and plastic safety break, both of which can be placed in their respective recycling bins). Paper has been used in lanyards before but they have looked and felt like conventional paper and have none of the textile hand feel of our product. The paper lanyard was launched as part of our commitment to the BPMA StepForward Pledge and was used for the first time at the September Merchandise World Show alongside a recycling program that collected unwanted used lanyards after the show. 30% of the show lanyards issued have been recycled and their components are being re-used to make a second generation of lanyards.

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