Member Benefits 

Benefit from being part of promotional merchandise BRIMAN Group

Supported by the BPMA, the trade and industry body representing the promotional merchandise sector, BRIMAN members benefit from shared goals and best practice. Just some of the benefits of being part of BRIMAN include

  1. BRIMAN industry presentations and seminars;  opening the door to Distributors as a group
  2. Share UK manufacturing knowledge, industry and Government grants and allowances to support growth
  3. BRIMAN advertising and marketing representing all members of the group; shared investments to bring effective coverage and results 
  4. Shared best practice and insights, championing growth and development of every member business 
  5. Discounts and offers exclusive to BRIMAN members, with scope to develop bespoke programmes to suit changing business needs 
  6. Producing marketing and promotional material for exclusive BRIMAN member use 
  7. BRIMAN digital presence;  educating distributors on scope and innovation within manufacturing  processes and benefits of buying from the U.K.
  8. Special Feature at BPMA supported trade shows, supporting the BRIMAN Group.
  9. Networking and meetings regularly to inspire member growth 
Interested in becoming part of BRIMAN? 

To qualify as BRIMAN member, you may be invited to join as a member as a result of your UK supplier profile or if you fit the criteria below, please contact the BPMA for more information.

Please note that applications are subject to BRIMAN Chair and Group review, are vetted by the BPMA and are subject to a credit check.  

  • You must be a current BPMA member 
  • Over 50% of manufacturing must be based in the UK; this is not decoration but making a finished product from a variety of materials.

Please note: there is an annual marketing contribution of min £250.00+VAT, payable annually on 1st January each year